The 2012 Team Lineups

National Capital Team Tournament 2012 Public

  • Avengers (David Lewis)
  • Woodroffe Tigers (Matthew Saunders)
  • Hintonburg (Roy Hoople)
  • DOMinatrix (Kyle Lam)
  • Leroy Jenkins (Emily McConnell)
  • Saad without Brigette (Kenny Yuen)
  • The last minute team (Jacques Cao)

  • WYYYYYBW (Vivian Tam)
  • Badder than U (Lee Turcotte)
  • TBD (Mike Tran)
  • Los Amigos (David Xia)
  • Team Derp (Ryan Chan)
  • How is SHI doin' (Hao Shi)
  • Late Bloomers (Joshua Chan)